“Weimar Triangle” united in support of Ukraine

Source: deutschland.de

“All three of us are serious about our support for Ukraine,” said Federal Chancellor of Germany Olaf Scholz on Friday following consultations with French President Emmanuel Macron and Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk in Berlin. “More than ever: our unity is our strength.”


Solidarity and joint action were vital in defending peace and freedom in Europe, said Scholz. Among other things, said Scholz, the leaders had agreed to procure even more weapons for Ukraine on the entire global market as well as boosting the production of military equipment, also through cooperation with partners in Ukraine.


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In order to financially support the purchase of weapons for Ukraine, so-called windfall profits from Russian assets frozen in Europe are to be used, too.

Emmanuel Macron emphasised: “We share the conviction that in Ukraine, our own security and future are at stake, too”. He said the three countries were united in their will to support Ukraine for as long as necessary and not to let Russia win its war of aggression.


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Donald Tusk said: “We have spoken with one voice today, primarily on issues of security for our continent and for our countries – and all of this in connection with the war, of course.”


Source: deutschland.de



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