Air defence: France and Italy order the Aster missiles

By Defence Industry Europe

The OCCAR, on behalf of the French and Italian defence procurement agencies, has signed a contract with Eurosam (a joint venture company of Thales and MBDA) for the production of the Aster air defence missiles including the Aster 30 B1 NG, Aster 30 B1 and Aster 15.



According to the OCCAR statement, the new missiles will equip SAMP/T NG of French Air Force, Italian Army and Italian Air Force and Horizon class frigates of the Italian Navy. In addition, this contract takes into account the production of the new ASTER 30 B1 for SAMP/T NG for Italian Air Force and the new ASTER 30 and ASTER 15 for the French and Italian Navy.

The French Ministry of the Armed Forces also informed us about the contract. According to the statement, France and Italy jointly ordered “close to 700” Aster air defence missiles.

According to a media reports, France and Italy have agreed to supply Ukraine with the SAMP/T air defence system with Aster missiles, but any details about the future transfer of this weapon have yet been officially revealed.



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