Akeron MP selected by Belgian Armed Forces

By Defence Industry Europ

The Belgian Ministry of Defence has signed a contract to procure of Akeron MP anti-tank guided missiles, produced by the European missile leader MBDA. The contract was formalized in 2022, though details regarding this were disclosed only on August 23.

Neither the Belgian Ministry of Defence nor MBDA have disclosed the contract’s monetary value. What has been confirmed is its inclusion of 761 Akeron MP missiles and several dozen Command Launch Units (CLUs).


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Initial shipments of Akeron MP missiles are set to reach the Belgian Armed Forces by late 2025, with official missile deployment sheduled for 2026. The first battalion equipped with Akeron MP missiles, tasked with destroying tanks and other armored targets, is anticipated to become operational in 2027.


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Deliveries of Akeron MP missiles to the Belgian armed forces will conclude by 2029. It should be noted that the Belgian army currently employs Spike LR anti-tank missiles. However, these are set to be phased out of service after 2030, paving the way for the Akeron MP missile to take their place.



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