France: DGA orders 200 Akeron MP missiles from MBDA

By Defence Industry Europe

French defence procurement agency (DGA) announced that it has ordered the next tranche of anti-tank guided missiles (ATMG) Akeron MP (formerly known as a Missile Moyenne Portée, MMP) from the European defence industry group MBDA. The order for 200 missiles was signed on December 29, 2022.

According to DGA, the order complies with the French Military Programming LAW (LPM) 2019-2025.

DGA also informed that in 2022 it has received from MBDA 200 Akeron MP missiles.

The Akeron MP missile (then known as a MMP) entered into service in the French Armed Forces in 2017 (the initial order for 175 launchers and 450 missiles was signed in 2013). In the beginning, the weapon system was used only for training. In 2018 the French Armed Forces has announced the introduction of the MMP weapon system into operational service. By 2025 French Armed Forces will receive all contracted Akeron MP systems (400 launchers and 2,850 missiles).

As Defence Industry Europe recently reported, in July 2022, Directorate of Defence of the Government of Luxembourg signed with MBDA a contract for Akeron MP. The value of the contract is EUR 31.5 million.


Learn more about Akeron MP weapon system – visit MBDA website.





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