American Rheinmetall Vehicles and GM Defense to develop an unmanned truck

By Defence Industry Europe staff

On August 17, German industrial group Rheinmetall AG announced that its US subsidiary American Rheinmetall Vehicles will develop an unmanned truck in cooperation with US company GM Defense.

The vehicle is to be developed as part of the US Army’s Common Tactical Truck programme, in which the US ground forces are seeking a successor to the Oshkosh Defense Heavy Tactical Vehicles family. The US Army intends to fund the construction of several prototype vehicles (presumably several prototype batches from different manufacturers), after which the winner of the bid can expect to be awarded a contract for the delivery of up to 5,700 vehicles worth approximately USD 5 billion. A request for proposals to supply prototypes was sent to potential bidders at the end of June with an expected contract award date in December 2022.

Rheinmetall, together with GM Defense, can bring the experience of Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles, which offers the HX family of trucks. These have so far been sold to 20 countries worldwide In the latest version, designated as HX3, RMMV is working on implementing solutions related to autonomous operation (in different modes – remote control, convoy, etc.), hybrid propulsion, etc. It is the HX3, once Americanised, that will form the basis of the vehicle offered to the US Army. The open architecture is expected to facilitate its future operation or upgrades.


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