ArianeGroup to participate in the development of space-based missile early warning system

Source: ArianeGroup, Defence Industry Europe

The European Commission has selected ArianeGroup for space-based missile early warning and responsive space systems projects under the European Defence Fund (EDF) 2022 work programme.

The first project, named ODIN’S EYE II (Multi-natiOnal Development INitiative for a Space-based missile EarlY-warning architecture), will contribute to the development of a European Space-Based Missile Early-Warning system.

The target system addresses timely warning, technical intelligence, missile defence systems against ballistic, hypersonic and anti-satellite threats as well as proliferation control.


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ArianeGroup will provide its expertise in the field of ballistic and hypersonic threats as well as for missile defence. Coordinated by the German company OHB, the ODIN’S EYE II will last 36 months and catalyze the competences of 38 partners in 13 European countries.

The second project, named REACTS (Responsive European Architecture for Space), aims to define a holistic architecture for a new disruptive quick launch capacity able to launch space capabilities within a timeframe of 72 hours.

ArianeGroup will provide its long standing cutting-edge expertise in launchers and space transportation. Coordinated by the German space agency DLR, the REACTS project will last 21 months and catalyze the competences of 35 partners in 13 European countries.



With a 8 billion euro budget, the EDF is a European Union initiative aiming at leveraging the competitiveness of the European defence industry and fostering its cooperation to develop cutting-edge and interoperable defence technologies & systems.

The fund is implemented through annual work programmes from 2021 to 2027, in line with the long-term priorities and needs of member states.



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