Armed Forces of Ukraine deploy cost-effective aerostats for military operations

By Defence Industry Europe

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have introduced the use of small aerostats over conflict zones for reconnaissance, signal relay, and controlling unmanned aerial vehicles.


Manufactured by the Ukrainian company Aerobavovna, these aerostats represent a cost-efficient solution to modern warfare challenges, with a price tag of up to USD 3,000 each.



Delivered in transport containers equipped with winches and helium tanks, these aerostats can be prepared for operation in just 15 minutes. Capable of lifting a 4-5 kg payload to an altitude of 500 meters, they can remain airborne for a full day without requiring electrical power or fuel for the balloon itself. However, the reconnaissance or relay equipment carried aloft requires remote-controlled power supplied by batteries or generators.


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This initiative mirrors earlier reports of Russian military using more technically advanced aerostats in Ukrainian conflict areas, often reaching significant altitudes.



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