HYDEF programme: first Amendment to the Grant Agreement signed

By Defence Industry Europe

The HYDEF programme, aimed at developing an endo-atmospheric interceptor for air defence against high-velocity aerial threats, has reached a significant milestone with the signing of the fist Amendment to the Grant Agreement. Coordinated by Sistemas de Misiles de España, SL (SMS), and represented by its General Manager, Mr. Luis Mayo, the amendment was signed in conjunction with OCCAR, represented by HYDEF PD Programme Manager, Manuel Jesús de Hoyos Sánchez.


This crucial amendment, approved by the European Commission (EC), signifies a strategic evolution in the execution of the HYDEF programme. OCCAR, designated as the Granting Authority for HYDEF under powers delegated by the EC, had previously signed a Contribution Agreement (CA) in December 2022, followed by a Grant Agreement (GA) in October 2023, outlining terms and conditions for the grant awarded to beneficiaries.

The amendment, solicited by beneficiaries in adherence to GA conditions and amendment procedures, encompasses several key adjustments. These include the inclusion of new subcontractors endorsed by the EC, clarification of GA terms, reallocation of personnel months to enhance coordination and preparation activities, and the authorization of unit costs for personnel/staff expenses. Importantly, these modifications maintain alignment with provisions outlined in the CA signed by the EC and OCCAR.



Effective from the date of signature, 30 April 2024, this amendment serves as an integral component of the Grant Agreement, reinforcing the commitment to advancing the HYDEF programme’s objectives.

Initiated in response to the 2021 European Defence Fund (EDF) call, the HYDEF interceptor programme addresses the imperative of protecting against high-velocity aerial threats. Linked to the PESCO EU programme TWISTER, HYDEF aims to develop an endo-atmospheric interceptor concept for air defence, supported by cutting-edge technologies in propulsion, aerodynamics, guidance, sensors, and actuator systems.

With a total funding of €110 million, including €100 million from the EU European Defence Fund (EDF) and €10 million from participating states (Belgium, Germany, Norway, Poland, and Spain), HYDEF represents a collaborative effort to address emerging defence challenges.



The HYDEF Consortium, comprising 14 companies from seven European nations, is poised to drive innovation in air defence technologies. Led by SMS in Madrid, Spain, and Diehl Defence in Germany, the consortium brings together expertise in high-performance components for air defence applications.

Over the next three years, the consortium will focus on the concept study phase, aimed at assessing feasibility and maturing critical technologies. This milestone underscores the commitment of European partners to advancing defence capabilities in the face of evolving threats.



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