Aselsan presents modernization package for Chilean Leopard 2A4 tanks

By Defence Industry Europe

During the FIDAE 2024 exhibition in Santiago, Turkish defence company Aselsan unveiled a model of the Leopard 2A4CHL tank, showcasing upgrades planned for the Chilean Army’s fleet. The modernization focuses primarily on electronic equipment and a new fire control system.


In July 2023, Chile signed a USD 123.5 million deal with Aselsan for the upgrades, although specific details about the scope and timeline of the modernization, or local industry involvement, remain undisclosed. As part of this contract, Aselsan recently established an office in Santiago.



Chile’s current fleet comprises 140 Leopard 2A4 tanks, originally purchased from Germany in the early 2000s. These vehicles, representing mid-1980s standards, are among the most formidable tanks in South America, second only to Venezuela’s T-72B in armor and Argentina’s TAM 2C in firepower.



The showcased upgrades at FIDAE include the VOLKAN fire control system, featuring new optoelectronic systems such as the KARTALGÖZÜ in the gunner’s sight. Additionally, a new panoramic sight for the commander and a remotely controlled armament module equipped with a machine gun, laser radiation warning systems, and incoming missile detection, along with front and rear cameras for the driver, are part of the upgrade.

Aselsan’s proposal also outlines further enhancements, potentially including the integration of an “Identify Friend or Foe” system, active protection systems similar to the Ukrainian Zaslon or the Turkish Akkor, a Battle Management System (BMS), all-around surveillance systems, and electric drive systems for the turret.



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