Denmark to buy long-range drones for surveillance operations in Arctic

By Defence Industry Europe

The Danish Ministry of Defence has announced a 2.74 billion Danish crowns (EUR 370 million) investment for enhancing surveillance and intelligence in the Arctic and North Atlantic regions.


This funding, part of Denmark’s broader commitment to revamp its defence capabilities and meet NATO objectives, will be used to acquire long-range drones.

These drones are intended to monitor the growing civilian and military activities in the Arctic and North Atlantic, areas increasingly significant due to the melting Arctic ice sheet, which has sparked a global competition for resources and strategic routes.

Denmark, responsible for the defence of Greenland and the Faroe Islands, sees this investment as crucial for maintaining security in these regions.



Defence Minister Troels Lund Poulsen emphasized the need for Denmark to take greater responsibility for security in the Arctic and North Atlantic.

This move is part of Denmark’s broader defence strategy, which includes a pledge made last year to invest 143 billion crowns over the next decade.

The recent agreement also allocates funds for air defence systems and the revival of an ammunition factory in northwestern Denmark, as part of the first phase of this larger defence commitment.


To learn more, visit website of Danish Ministry of Defence.



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