Air defence: Denmark selects Skyranger system from Rheinmetall

By Defence Industry Europe

The Danish Defence Command (Forsvarskommandoen) and the Ministry of Defence's Acquisition and Logistics Organization (FMI) have decided that the land component of the armed forces' air defence will be based on German Skyranger 30 systems. The turret systems are planned to be installed on used Piranha V wheeled armored transport vehicles already in service with the Royal Danish Army (Hæren).

The procurement of this class of equipment aligns with the objectives of current planning documents and takes into account the experiences gained from the ongoing war in Ukraine. Ultimately, the choice fell on the Skyranger, which best meets the operational requirements and those of NATO. Negotiations with the system manufacturer, German defence giant Rheinmetall, are expected to begin soon.

The Skyranger is an armored turret module equipped with a 30mm Oerlikon cannon, with a firing rate of 1,000 rounds per minute and an effective range of up to 3,000 meters. The cannon can be supplemented with very short range (VSHORAD) anti-aircraft missiles. Additionally, the integral equipment of the Skyranger includes a set of sensors (optoelectronic and radar) and a fire control system, enabling it to engage aircraft, helicopters, and UAVs.

The specific configuration of the Danish systems has not yet been determined. According to Copenhagen’s requirements, the Skyranger will be equipped with target detection radars, fire control systems, and communication systems. The integration of individual components will be the responsibility of the local company, Terma. The type of missiles to be used with the Skyranger has not been specified yet.

Currently, Denmark’s ground-based air defence relies solely on very short-range systems with Stinger missiles. The Skyranger will, therefore, be a significant enhancement. However, the protection and defence of Danish airspace are primarily the responsibility of the navy and the air force.




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