MilDef secures its largest ever contract in Estonia for tactical IT hardware

By Defence Industry Europe

MilDef Group, a prominent provider of tactical IT hardware, has signed a groundbreaking contract valued at 53 million Swedish Kronor (MSEK) to supply its advanced technology to an Estonian defence project focused on armoured vehicles.


The contract encompasses the integration of over 400 units of MilDef’s bespoke servers, switches, routers, and media converters into the defence project. These high-spec IT solutions are engineered to operate reliably in the most challenging and harsh environments, ensuring that communications remain secure and uninterrupted under any conditions.




This partnership also involves collaboration with a local Estonian firm, highlighting MilDef’s commitment to working closely with regional partners to enhance local capabilities and ensure the seamless integration of its systems into existing military frameworks.

Daniel Ljunggren, CEO and President of MilDef Group, expressed enthusiasm about the rapid progression of this contract, stating, “Apart from being the single largest order so far landed on the Estonian market, it is also a contract that materialized faster than we anticipated.” He noted the sense of urgency from the vehicle producer which led to an acceleration in the timeline, bringing forward the deliveries to their end customer. Consequently, MilDef’s delivery schedule will also be advanced.



Deliveries of the tactical IT hardware are set to commence in 2024, aligning with the accelerated timeline demanded by the project’s needs. This contract not only reinforces MilDef’s presence in Estonia but also underscores the growing importance of robust and secure IT infrastructure in modern military applications, where the integrity and reliability of information are paramount.



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