ITP Aero’s IMAGINE software transforms aeronautical inspection with AI

Source: ITP Aero, Defence Industry Europe

ITP Aero develops one of the first AI-based software to detect defects in aeronautical structures. The software, called IMAGINE, has been developed by ITP Aero and applied in the BACSI project of the Spanish Air Force.


IMAGINE is already in use at the Albacete Air Force Training Centre (MAESAL), reducing the time needed to inspect aeronautical structures by 80%.

ITP Aero has developed one of the first AI-based software on the market to be used in aerospace production to support the human inspector. The software is known as IMAGINE, which the company uses in its inspection centres and which has recently been implemented at the Albacete Air Base (MAESAL), with the support of the company and the Logistics Support Command (MALOG), as part of the Air Force’s Sustainable and Intelligent Connected Air Base (BACSI) project.




IMAGINE is capable of automatically detecting defects in robotic digital radiography inspections of aeronautical structures. Thanks to the interaction of these robotic inspection systems with artificial intelligence, it is possible to reduce inspection time by 80% and increase quality. The use of IMAGINE at MAESAL will continue with the retraining of the algorithms to extend the scope and capabilities of the software.


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Álvaro Santodomingo, Executive Director of Defence at ITP Aero, commented: “Being one of the first companies in the world to develop AI software to detect defects in aeronautical structures demonstrates our commitment to developing technological solutions. Furthermore, its use by the Spanish Air Force confirms our commitment to the BACSI project in the search for effectiveness, productivity, efficiency and sustainability of air bases”.



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