GE Aerospace renews contract with ITP Aero for CT7 MRO engine services

Source: ITP Aero

GE Aerospace has granted aircraft engine and components manufacturer ITP Aero a service contract extension to conduct maintenance, repair, and overhaul services for CT7 engines at its facility in Albacete, Spain.

TP Aero is the ninth largest aircraft engine and components manufacturing company in the world. The company’s scope of work includes research and development, manufacturing, and assembly and testing of aircraft engines, as well as MRO services for a wide range aerospace customers.

“We are pleased to continue our service arrangement with ITP Aero who has been a proven customer service leader for our CT7 customers for over a decade,” says Elissa Lee, Director of GE Aerospace’s Commercial Turboshaft Engines.

“We are delighted to continue our long-standing partnership as part of GE Aerospace’s in-service engine community for CT7 engines. This is an important milestone for us as we include CT7-9B engines into our in-service support portfolio. We share strong synergies with GE Aerospace, and as we look at future programmes, we believe there is great potential to further build on our partnership and shared capabilities,” says Pablo Fuentes, Head of In Service Support in ITP Aero.

With more than 100 million flight hours, GE’s CT7/T700 family of turboshaft and turboprop engines reside across the globe in every environment an aircraft can operate. Among these engines, the CT7-2 is known for its rugged, fuel efficient and exceptional performance and provides reliable power to helicopters used in a variety of roles from executive transport to fire fighting and rescue.

Meanwhile, the CT7-8 is a family of powerful engines designed to meet the demanding mission needs of modern military medium and commercial heavy lift helicopters throughout the world. These range from executive transport, search and rescue, passenger transport and oil and gas operations.

Through the 5-year service contract, ITP Aero can provide maintenance, repair, and overhaul services to the following GE-made engines:

  • CT7-2A series engines operated on the Bell-made 214ST
  • CT7-2E1 series engines operated on Leonardo AW189 and AW149 aircraft
  • CT7-8A series engines operated on Sikorsky’s S-92 aircraft
  • CT7-8E series engines operated on Leonardo Helicopters AW101 aircraft
  • CT7-8F5 series engines operated on NHI NH90 for Spain aircraft
  • CT7-9B engines operated on the Saab 340
  • CT7-9C/9C3 engines series engines operated on CN-235 aircraft



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