Lithuania and Poland discuss joint logistics center for HIMARS ammunition

By Defence Industry Europe

Lithuanian President Gitanas Nausėda announced plans for a potential collaboration with Poland to establish a regional logistics center for High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) ammunition. The announcement came following a meeting with Polish President Andrzej Duda.


During their discussions, which followed the observation of the military exercise Brave Griffin 24-II, Presidents Nausėda and Duda explored avenues to deepen their defence cooperation, particularly in the realm of artillery systems. “Both Lithuania and Poland are not only current operators of HIMARS systems but are also looking to expand their capabilities in this area,” President Nausėda stated. He further highlighted that Poland’s ambitions to manufacture ammunition could synergize well with the proposed logistics hub.



This logistical center aims to support the growing inventory of HIMARS systems in Eastern Europe and ensure a steady supply of ammunition, essential for maintaining readiness and operational capability. “The creation of a regional logistics center would be a strategic asset, enhancing the defence posture of not only Lithuania and Poland but also our Baltic neighbors,” Nausėda added.

In addition to the logistics initiative, Lithuania expressed interest in joining forces with Poland in joint procurement endeavors, which could leverage economies of scale and shared strategic interests to enhance their military procurement efficiency.



The Baltic nation has been actively enhancing its military capabilities, evident from its $495 million deal with the United States in late 2021 to acquire HIMARS systems. The Lithuanian Armed Forces plan to fully integrate these systems by 2025, in close coordination with Estonia, Latvia, and Poland, aiming to form a robust defence line against potential aggressions.

The first batch of HIMARS systems is scheduled for delivery in 2025, marking a significant upgrade in Lithuania’s artillery capabilities.



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