Finland ramps up ammunition production capacity

By Defence Industry Europe

Finland has announced a significant increase in its heavy ammunition production capacity, with a decision made by Defence Minister Antti Häkkänen on December 12, 2023.


This expansion, supported by the economic policy ministerial committee, involves an investment of about EUR 24 million by the defence administration, with total investments reaching around EUR 120 million. The initiative aims to double the existing production capacity, enhancing Finland’s defence capabilities and allowing long-term support to Ukraine into the 2030s.


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The Finnish Defence Administration has already been increasing ammunition production since the onset of the Ukraine war. The recent decision will further develop and diversify domestic production capabilities, with completion expected between 2026 and 2027. This move will also create significant employment opportunities in South and North Ostrobothnia and Central Finland.


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This step positions Finland as one of Europe’s major heavy ammunition producers, reflecting a commitment to supporting Ukraine and bolstering the defence industry. Industries involved in this expansion can seek support from the EU under the ASAP regulation.



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