France to provide Ukraine with more Aster 30 air defence missiles

By Defence Industry Europe

The French Minister of Defence, Sébastien Lecornu, told "La Tribune" newspaper that France will supply Ukraine with an additional batch of Aster 30 air defence missiles. These missiles are part of the SAMP/T air and missile defence system, which was previously provided to Ukraine by Italy and France.


This support comes at a critical time as Ukraine faces ongoing and intense missile attacks from the Russian Federation.

The decision to provide further military aid was made public on March 31st, following a week marked by devastating Russian missile strikes on Ukrainian territory.

These strikes significantly damaged the country’s energy infrastructure, utilizing a combination of drones, cruise missiles, and ballistic missiles.



The challenge of countering such ballistic missile threats is a major concern for the Ukrainian Armed Forces, hampered by a shortage of effective air defence systems.

Currently, only the PATRIOT and SAMP/T systems, provided by Western nations, have the capability to engage these threats.

However, reports suggest that the arsenal of missiles for these systems is nearing depletion, further exacerbated by the recent loss of two PATRIOT system launchers in precise attacks by Russian forces.


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The additional delivery of Aster 30 missiles by France aims to bolster Ukraine’s defensive capabilities, enhancing their ability to counter ballistic missiles and aerodynamic targets over distances up to and beyond 100 km.

The SAMP/T system, equipped with Aster 30 missiles, is designed to engage hostile aircraft within a range of 3 km to over 100 km, and ballistic missiles within a range of 3 km to 25 km, at altitudes up to 25 km.



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