Germany adopts new space strategy

Source:, Defence Industry Europe

The German government has adopted a new space strategy for Germany. Reflecting the growing significance of space systems, it concentrates on advancing private-sector initiatives in space travel, known as New Space, the role played by the aerospace industry in combating climate change, and responsible and sustainable space travel.


“Space may seem very distant to many people, but it is central to our security, the protection of our planet and our daily lives,” said Anna Christmann, the federal government coordinator of German aerospace policy.



The strategy, which was developed with advice from research, industry and civil society, identifies nine fields of action:

  1. European and international cooperation,
  2. The aerospace industry as a growing market: high-tech and new space,
  3.  Climate change, resources and environmental protection,
  4. Digitalisation, data and downstream,
  5.  Security, strategic ability to act and global stability,
  6. Sustainable use of space,
  7. Space research,
  8. International space exploration, and finally, space travel in dialogue and talent recruitment.





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