Germany takes next steps in the joint armoured vehicle CAVS programme

Source: Patria

Germany has taken the next contractual step within the multinational Common Armoured Vehicle System (CAVS) programme today after signing the Statement of Intent in June 2022. Germany has now officially joined the programme by signing the Technical Arrangement. Sweden joined the programme in 2022 and proceeds now by joining the Framework Agreement as the next stage of preparation for the serial procurement phase.

CAVS, originally established by Finland and Latvia, is a joint programme of multiple governments to introduce a state-of-the-art new armoured vehicle system. Within the programme, the Patria 6×6 vehicle was chosen as the vehicle platform after the evaluation of available solutions.


“We gladly welcome Germany into the CAVS programme and thank Sweden for taking the next step towards the serial procurement phase. The programme provides all member nations the possibility to purchase cost-effective state-of-the-art and modular armoured vehicles developed within unprecedented multi-national cooperation. Adding yet another country to the programme will improve the mobility and security of supply among all participating nations,” asserts Jukka Holkeri, Executive Vice President of Patria.



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