Estonia is sending Ukraine ammunition and equipment

Source: Estonian Ministry of Defence

Estonian Minister of Defence Hanno Pevkur is submitting the next military aid package to the government, which will include artillery ammunition, winter uniforms and personal protective equipment.

„Through mobilisation, nuclear threats, sham referendums on Ukrainian territories, and illegal annexation of Ukrainian territories, Russia is escalating the war. The Estonian response can be only one – continuing aid to Ukraine with the objective of helping Ukraine win the war,“ said Minister of Defence of Republic of Estonia Hanno Pevkur.

„This next package will include artillery ammunition, anti-tank ammunition, winter uniforms, and armoured vests, which are among Ukraine’s most urgent needs at the moment. Ukraine winning the war will also increase Estonian security. The decisions to support Ukraine today reduce the Russian strength to behave irradically in our region,“ said the Minister of Defence. „When providing aid, our guiding principle is that our own defence capabilities must be ensured at all times. That is why we are first and foremost looking at equipment that in the near term future is planned for replacement or which can be replaced easily,“ said Pevkur.

The anti-tank weaponry is due to be replaced with a new weapons systems, for which the first deliveries will be made in December. The personal protective equipment comes from the Defence League stocks, which in 3-5 months will be replaced with more modern options. In addition to equipment, training is becoming increasingly important. Estonia has provided training for Ukrainian artillery troops, who are on the battlefield today. A training programme for reservists is in development and a training programme for medics is being planned.

Estonia has provided military aid to Ukraine in value of over 255 million Euros, which includes Javelin anti-tank missiles, howitzers, anti-tank mines, anti-tank grenade launchers, mortars, ammunition, vehicles, communication devices, medical equipment and supplies, personal protective equipment (helmets, body armour, etc.), as well as military food rations.

Through the European Peace Facility, Estonia will receive 135 million euros in reimbursement, which constitutes nearly a third of the first 500 million package for all European countries. This decision shows that the EU highly values support to Ukraine, while also significantly supporting Member States in maintaining their individual defence capabilities and restoring weapons stocks.

In cooperation with Germany, Estonia has donated two field hospital and medical equipment to Ukraine in the value of 10 million euros. The second hospital reached Ukraine in September and the project also received support from the NGO Slava Ukraini in the sum of 120 000 euros.


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