Germany to transfer Sea King Mk41 helicopters to Ukraine

By Defence Industry Europe

Germany has committed to transferring six Sea King Mk41 multi-purpose helicopters to Ukraine, marking its first-ever transfer of military helicopters to the country. This announcement was made by German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius following the 18th meeting of the Contact Group on Defence Issues in the Ramstein format.


The decision signifies a significant enhancement in Ukraine’s military capabilities, especially in reconnaissance and transportation, amid its ongoing conflict. The Sea King Mk41 helicopters, known for their reliability and versatility, are expected to boost Ukraine’s defence capabilities in critical areas such as the Black Sea reconnaissance and troop transportation.


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Alongside the helicopters, Germany will also provide Ukraine with essential spare parts and specialized training for Ukrainian military personnel. This move underscores Germany’s increasing support for Ukraine’s defence in the face of Russian aggression.



This military aid package is a part of Germany’s broader commitment to Ukraine, with total military assistance reaching around six billion euros since the onset of Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine. Additionally, it has been reported that Germany plans to provide over 7 billion euros worth of military goods to Ukraine in 2024, further reinforcing its role in supporting Ukrainian defence efforts.



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