Greece orders SeaHake mod4 torpedos from Atlas Elektronik

By Defence Industry Europe

On July 8, the German company Atlas Elektronik, a subsidiary of thyssenkrupp Marine Systems (tkMS), signed a contract with the Ministry of Defence of the Greece for the delivery of a batch of heavy torpedoes for submarines of the Hellenic Navy.

The contract covers the delivery of 44 torpedoes of the SeaHake mod4 (DM2A4 Seehecht) torpedos for EUR 112 million.

According to one of the clauses in this agreement, the first batch consisting of eight torpedos is scheduled to be delivered to the Hellenic Navy in December of this year. The second batch is expected to be delivered in August 2024, the third in June 2025, and the fourth and final one in 2025.

According to Atlas Elektronik, the SeaHake mod4 is the dual-purpose and fibre-optic wire-guided heavy-weight torpedo that fully meets the operational requirements of modern Navies. It is specifically designed to meet the confined shallow and blue water environments of today‘s and future naval scenarios.



It is worth mentioning that Polemikó Naftikó has been facing a significant shortage of modern torpedo weapon systems for many years, despite Greece currently possessing a relatively strong submarine fleet consisting of 10 units, all of German origin. These include the Glavkos class (type 209/1100, two vessels in service since 1972), Poseidon class (type 209/1200, three units in service since 1979), a single Okeanos (type 209/1500 AIP, extensively modernized in 2009), and four Papanikolis class submarines (type 214HN, four units in service since 2010).




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