INVISIO: a significant contract on the European market


INVISIO has been down selected and awarded an entire Army contract from a new customer - a European Non-NATO Army. The initial order is worth approximately SEK 40 million for INVISIO. It encompasses the INVISIO advanced and AI powered systems for communication and hearing protection in challenging environments. Deliveries are expected to take place in 2023.

After having thoroughly tested and evaluated INVISIO’s communications and hearing protection systems for a significant amount of time, in a standard competitive situation and setup with other solutions the European Non-NATO Army ended up choosing INVISIO.

The contract is significant in that it probably heralds the start of a long-term customer relationship lasting several years. INVISIO estimates that there is good potential for further contracts and follow-on orders.

INVISIO has been also recently selected as supplier for major parts of the countries Special Military Forces. The fact that the regular army and special forces use the same communication system allows for seamless interaction, collaboration and solution sharing capabilities, as well as tactical advantages giving all operatives unified and state-of-the art features and functionality.

“We are proud that yet another European defense organization has chosen INVISIO. This and other recently won contracts are clear signs that activity levels in the market are high. The immediate future is therefore looking really exciting, and it is now time to start reaping the benefits of our recent years’ significant investments in the product portfolio and organization,” says Lars Højgård Hansen, CEO at INVISIO.

The order revolves around the new INVISIO V-Series Gen II system with INVISIO X5 in-ear headsets, all together providing significant tactical benefits for the Army operative. As a part of the feature set, INVISIO’s Artificial Intelligence ™ powered functionality encompasses a number of innovations, including automatic sound adaptation based on surrounding noise levels and advanced digital signal processing technology that filters away all unwanted noise while increasing speech intelligibility in difficult environments.

The solution also enables enhanced tailoring and customization of mission-specific requirements, also catering for individual preferences that in combination help to focus solely on tasks at hand.



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