Israel Defense Forces to equip Eitan APCs with 30mm canons

By Arie Egozi

The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) will equip its new Eitan APCs with advanced 30mm canons.

The decision follows lessons from the war in Ukraine. It is based on the operation’s requirement to give this advanced APC the capability to deal with targets like infantry squads and armed UAVs.

The canon will probably be part of the Samson remote weapon station manufactured by Israeli company Rafael.

As reported here, the Israel Ministry of Defence has selected Oshkosh Defense to produce hundreds of hulls for the IDF’s new wheeled Armored Personnel Carriers (APC).

Following a process led by the Ministry of Defense’s Procurement Mission in cooperation with the Tank and APC Directorate, the American corporation Oshkosh Defense was selected to produce hundreds of Eitan APC hulls.

The deal between the procurement mission and Oshkosh Defense is estimated to be over 100 million dollars, financed by American aid funds.

The IMoD’s Tank and APC Directorate developed the Eitan APC. The hulls that will arrive in Israel in about a year and a half will immediately join the production line. Once fully assembled, the vehicles will be transferred for operational use, thus significantly expanding the number of armored APCs used by the IDF.

The Eitan is the most advanced wheeled APC of its kind in the world. It can carry 12 personnel at maximum-level protection, incorporates the Iron Fist active defence system, and includes advanced fire and control systems. Recently the Ministry of Defence delivered the first operational APCs to the IDF’s “Nahal” Brigade.




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