Izdeliye 55: ZALA Aero introduces new type of loitering munition

By Defence Industry Europe

Russian company ZALA Aero, a company of Kalashnikov Group, has announced the development of a new loitering munition, designated as Izdeliye 55 (or Product 55). It is said to be even more effective, based on the combat-proven Lancet drone used in Ukraine. Russian industry declares that Izdeliye 55 will be resistant to electronic warfare and jamming.


According to the official statement, it will be a short-range munition, launched from a container launcher. Like the older generation Lancet drones, its aircraft will be built in an X configuration. In the nose section, there will be an optoelectronic module transmitting Full HD quality images in real-time. The operator can choose the optimal approach angle to the target. Using Izdeliye 55 munition, the operator is said to be completely safe, although the specific means of achieving this were not specified.



ZALA Aero has stated that the warhead weight of the new loitering munition is 5kg. Meanwhile, the range of Izdeliye 55 is said to be 50km.

How Izdeliye 55’s complete resistance to interference will be achieved was not disclosed. Theoretically – like Western anti-tank guided missiles – this could be achieved through fiber-optic control. Another method would be to increase the autonomy of the munition, which, however, would limit the operator’s role.



ZALA Aero revealed that between February 2022 and December 29, 2023, during the war in Ukraine, 872 Lancet loitering munitions were used. The effectiveness in hitting targets was 80%, which corresponds to 698 targets hit. Lancets are often used by Russians as a substitute for long-range anti-tank guided missiles.



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