Junghans secures additional orders for 155mm artillery fuzes

Source: Junghans Defence

Throughout 2022, Junghans has seen a surge in future requirements for 155mm Artillery Fuzes. To date, this has already led to contracts for both the Multi Option Fuze Artillery (MOFA) and the Time Fuze, company wrote in a statement on social media.

Junghans has signed three major framework contracts, each with a duration of 10 years, with both industry partners and governmental end users.

These include:

• A 10-year governmental contract for up to 420,000 MOFA (NATO/EU country). In addition to this contract, Junghans has also achieved the official governmental qualification of the latest variant of the well-known and established MOFA DM84A1 fuze. All tests and firings were successfully passed and underlined the superb performance of the fuze
• Two 10-year industry contracts for significant volumes of MOFA and Time Fuzes (NATO/EU country end users).

“With multiple call-offs already received, and more expected, Junghans continues to be the preferred supplier of a growing customer and user base. This is also achieved by implementing surge capacity both at Junghans and its supply chain” the company said on social media.

Junghans Defence, a joint venture between the Diehl and Thales groups, is a leading supplier in the field of ammunition fuzes and Safety & Arming Devices (SAD), focusing on the development, design, manufacture and testing of mechanical and electronic fuzing systems.

Junghans is the partner of choice of international armed rorces, as well as ammunition and missile companies. The brand Junghans Defence encompasses the German company Junghans Microtec GmbH and its wholly owned French subsidiary Junghans T2M SAS.


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