Kongsberg signs contract with Marand for Naval Strike Missile project

Source: Marand / Defence Industry Europe

Australian defence company Marand has received a contract from Kongsberg Defence Australia for the production of Launch Ramp Systems for the Naval Strike Missile (NSM).

Last year, the Commonwealth of Australia announced the selection of Kongbserg’s Naval Strike Missile to replace the Harpoon Anti-Ship Missile capability on the Royal Australian Navy’s ANZAC Class Frigates and HOBART Class Destroyers. The project will involve large scale fabrication of the Launch ramps that are fitted to each class of ship and support the Launcher Missile Module (LMM).

Under this contract, Marand will manufacture the units at its Geelong site, securing and growing jobs in the region. The project will benefit from Marand’s capability in high specification welding and large-scale manufacturing. It will also leverage the grant received in August 2022 under the Modern Manufacturing Initiative focused on Welding Excellence.

“Kongbserg is excited to have signed a contract with the Commonwealth of Australia for Naval Strike Missiles and supporting equipment. This fifth generation, highly capable, long-range, precision strike weapon is an important maritime strike capability for our Navy. As we increase our Australian presence, Kongsberg Defence Australia is focused on expanding our local manufacturing base, and partnering with key suppliers such as Marand, to deliver high quality competitive sub-assemblies into our final production line,” said Kongsberg Defence Australia’s General Manager, John Fry.

“Marand has recognised for some time that increased capability in welding fabrication methods will be highly relevant to future maritime and land programs. After many years of successful exports to KONGSBERG in Norway as part of the F-35 program, we are delighted to be engaged directly with Kongsberg Defence Australia and contribute to the increase of strike capability for the Royal Australian Navy,” commented Rohan Stocker, Marand CEO.




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