Land Forces 2022: Thales and Kongsberg launch StrikeMaster

Source: Land Forces 2022

Thales Australia with Kongsberg Defence Australia at Land Forces 2022 launched the StrikeMaster as part of a Land-Based Maritime Strike Capability.

The StrikeMaster combines Thales Australia’s armoured single-cab Bushmaster Utility vehicle with Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace’s (KDA) proven Naval Strike Missile (NSM) Coastal Defence System – the marriage of the two providing the Australian Defence Force with a potent, disruptive and proven land-based maritime deterrent.

A history-making moment at Land Forces 2022, it is the first time the Bushmaster, supported by Kongsberg’s NSM precision guided missile capability has been unveiled.

With a range of more than 250km, the NSM has the ability to penetrate the defence systems of its primary target, heavily armed modern combat ships of opposing navies.


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