Korea Aerospace Industries secures contract for second batch of LAH helicopters

By Defence Industry Europe

Korea Aerospace Industries Ltd. (KAI) has announced a significant contract with the Defence Acquisition Program Administration for the second batch of the Army's light-armed helicopter (LAH). The contract, valued at USD 1.09 billion, schedules delivery from the fourth quarter of 2025 to December 2028.


This new deal follows KAI’s initial mass-production contract for the LAH, signed at the end of last year, worth 302 billion won ($233 million). The LAH, a product of indigenous technology, is the second homegrown developed helicopter by Korea, succeeding the Surion light utility helicopter introduced in 2012.



Designed to replace the aging 500MD TOW and AH-1S Cobra helicopters, the LAH is tailored for the Army’s aerial assault operations and air support for ground troops. It boasts advanced avionics, including Smart Multi-functional Display (SMFD) and Integrated Digital Map Computer (IDMC). The LAH is also armed with a 20 mm turret gun and air-to-ground missiles, enhancing its combat effectiveness.



KAI’s future plans involve the development of derivative helicopters based on the LAH platform. These include specialized variants like special operations attack helicopters and command and control helicopters, aiming to increase the versatility and scope of missions the helicopters can undertake.



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