Latvia signs USD 180 million deal for HIMARS systems

By Defence Industry Europe

Latvia's Ministry of Defence has inked a deal with the United States for the acquisition of six High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS) from Lockheed Martin, at a total cost of USD 179.8 million. This agreement represents a major upgrade to the firepower of Latvia's National Armed Forces.


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Latvian Defence Minister Andris Sprūds underscored the strategic value of this acquisition, noting that it significantly boosts Latvia’s long-range and high-precision military capabilities. The inclusion of ATACMS rockets in the contract is seen as a key factor in strengthening the country’s partnership with the United States and enhancing NATO’s defence capabilities.



U.S. Ambassador to Latvia, Christopher Robinson, echoed the sentiment, emphasizing the crucial role of HIMARS in deterring potential aggression and safeguarding Latvian sovereignty. He affirmed that the system’s acquisition sends a strong message about the commitment of both nations to defend NATO territory.

The HIMARS system, renowned for its high precision and an operational range of around 300 kilometers using ATACMS missiles, is expected to be a significant asset in Latvia’s defence strategy. The contract also covers training, ammunition, and additional support equipment, ensuring Latvia’s effective use of the HIMARS system.


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The decision to acquire HIMARS was partly influenced by the system’s demonstrated effectiveness in Ukraine’s defence against the Russian invasion.

Latvia is slated to receive the HIMARS systems beginning in 2027, marking a continuation of the country’s substantial defence investments this year, which also include deals for the IRIS-T SLM air defence system and the coastal defence systems with NSM missiles.


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