Lithuania and Germany further build on military cooperation

Source: Ministry of National Defence, Republic of Lithuania

Minister of National Defence of Lithuania Arvydas Anušauskas discussed military cooperation between Lithuania and Germany seeking to further improve deterrence and defence on the eastern flank of NATO with Federal Minister of Defence of Germany Boris Pistorius on a visit to Vilnius.

Minister of Defence of Germany was briefed on the security situation and assessment of the Russian capabilities in the region. Anušauskas underscored the intention to implement the Joint Communique signed by the Chancellor of Germany and the President of Lithuania and presented detailed plans and progress made in developing infrastructure for Allied forces.

“Lithuania aims for a permanent deployment of a German brigade on the ground. We are putting in place a plan for developing shortly the infrastructure necessary for a German brigade in Lithuania. I have presented this plan to the Minister during our meeting,” said Anušauskas.

Minister of Defence of Lithuania noted that the first part of the plan introduced a higher intensity of joint training in Lithuania so that the intense training programme could ensure an uninterrupted presence of at least one German battalion in Lithuania. Second, decisions have been taken on developing the infrastructure for the German Brigade in Rūdninkai, Pajuostis and Kairiai, the design part of the endeavor will begin soon, the recently established Rūdninkai Training Area is intensely developed and other training areas are expanded. Third, infrastructure is developed for prepositioning the equipment and ammunition in Lithuania for the German Brigade.

A Joint Work group has been established by the Ministries of Defense of Lithuania and Germany to look into the matter at expert level.

Another topic Ministers discussed at the meeting was strengthening of the air defence in the eastern flank of the Alliance. Corresponding decisions are expected before the NATO Summit in Vilnius this summer.

Anušauskas and Pistorius also discussed the plans for further assistance to Ukraine, training for Ukrainian military, joint contribution of Lithuania and Germany to international operations and joint initiatives for strengthening defence industry. Germany is a critical and reliable Lithuania’s partner on security and defence. “We appreciate Germany’s contribution and efforts to strengthen the security of Lithuania. In our turn, we adhere to the indicatives that Germany finds of importance in demonstration of mutual commitment to a close military cooperation,” underscored said Anušauskas.

Aside from the time in Vilnius, Minister Pistorius’s schedule in Lithuania encompassed visiting Rukla and Pabradė. Military personnel of the German Brigade pre-assigned to Lithuania are training at Exercise Griffin Lighting with the Lithuanian Armed Forces at Pabradė.



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