Lithuania hands over L-39 Albatros light attack aircraft to Ukraine

By Defence Industry Europe

The Lithuanian Ministry of National Defence has confirmed the delivery of another military aid shipment to Ukraine. This shipment includes a significant piece of military hardware - a dismantled L-39ZA Albatros light attack aircraft, delivered by the Lithuanian Armed Forces.


The aircraft, known for its robust training capabilities, has been a staple in Lithuania’s military, primarily used to train fighter pilots and ensure combat readiness under challenging meteorological conditions during both day and night. This transfer marks a critical enhancement in Ukraine’s defensive capabilities, as the aircraft is well-suited for various combat training and operations.



This latest delivery is part of Lithuania’s broader commitment to supporting Ukraine in its defense efforts against aggression. Over the past months, Lithuania has responded promptly to Ukraine’s requests for military assistance. Earlier this year, Lithuania supplied Ukraine with 155 mm ammunition, M577 armored personnel carriers, anti-drone systems, generators, winter gear, and tens of thousands of thermal clothing sets. Additionally, thousands of rounds of ammunition for the “Carl Gustaf” anti-tank grenade launcher and RISE-1 remote detonation systems were also sent.



The Ministry of National Defence highlighted that Lithuania’s total contribution to Ukraine now exceeds one billion euros, with direct military support amounting to over 610 million euros.



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