Lithuanian Armed Forces agree to repair Leopard 2 tanks with Germany’s defence industry

Source: Lithuanian Armed Forces

The Lithuanian Armed Forces will collaborate with the German defence industry to repair Leopard 2 tanks brought from the battlefield in Ukraine to Lithuania.


Once the equipment is restored to combat readiness, it will be returned to Ukraine. Real-life missions like ensuring the repair of tanks trains and maintains personnel readiness of our Armed Forces, keeps reliable logistic chains and an unceasing assistance to Ukraine.



Lithuania has already completed a similar task when donated PzH2000 self-propelled howitzers were repaired after combat operations in Ukraine and returned to the battlefield. In the same year a group of 18 service technicians of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were trained by the Lithuanian Armed Forces to ensure howitzer maintenance.




Intense operation damages technical capability of the equipment, while tactical technical maintenance in combat conditions is a vital capacity. Lithuania decides what to include into the assistance packages based on Ukraine’s major priorities and needs.



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