Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks delivers over 100 Zetros off-road trucks to Ukraine

Source: Daimler Truck

Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks has delivered over 100 highly off-road-capable Zetros trucks to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence. The delivery includes a number of vehicle types for military support and logistics tasks. The Ukrainian armed forces want to expand their operational capability for supply and defence with the robust trucks. In addition, Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks is providing the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence with extensive services relating to the vehicles. Even before the delivery of the Zetros, drivers completed training courses and deployments with the new cab-behind-engine vehicles. The funds for the procurement came from the German government’s support initiative, which is jointly overseen and implemented by the German Foreign Office and the German Ministry of Defence.

For several months now, the Ukrainian Ministry of the Interior has been using Mercedes-Benz Zetros from previous deliveries for a wide range of disaster relief missions. Relief workers on site use the trucks to supply the population in difficult-to-reach areas, clear roads and remove rubble. Wherever the situation permits, the vehicles also support reconstruction.


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Needs-based equipment for special logistical tasks in Ukraine

The new vehicles for Ukraine predominantly have permanent all-wheel drive and are equipped for various transport tasks. The permissible gross vehicle weight varies between 16.5 and 40 tons. The highly off-road-capable trucks feature the OM 460 six-cylinder in-line diesel engine with 265 to 350 kW (360 to 476 hp), depending on the vehicle. A displacement of 12.8 liters provides a maximum torque of up to 2300 Nm. The hood, which can be opened independently of the cab, provides access for maintenance and repair work in the engine compartment. This keeps the cab separate as a protected space and for the use of communication technology.


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Mercedes-Benz Zetros technology at a glance

The Mercedes-Benz Zetros off-road specialist is designed for harsh conditions. Soft ground, forest navigation and steep terrain: With its powerful engine, 16-speed transmission and two-stage transfer case, the Zetros often makes it possible to traverse terrain that would otherwise require detours. For transportation with a high payload, drivers benefit on rough terrain from the large slope and gradient angles as well as fording capability. The engageable differential locks can generate propulsion even if individual wheels lose grip. The seat position behind the front axle ensures a relatively smooth driving experience and good vehicle control even at high speeds and in poor road conditions.



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