Moldova enhances air surveillance capabilities with Thales Ground Master 200 radar

By Defence Industry Europe

The Moldovan Ministry of Defence announced the receipt of Thales Ground Master 200 radar system from France on December 20, 2023, marking a significant enhancement in the country's military capabilities.


This development follows a military cooperation agreement signed between France and Moldova in September 2023, focusing on bolstering Moldova’s air defence. The Ground Master 200 (GM200) multi-mission medium-range radar system, manufactured by the French company Thales, has been successfully delivered to the Moldovan National Army.


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The GM200 is designed to detect a wide range of air targets, from low to high-altitude, including missiles, artillery rounds, and drones. This acquisition comes as a response to recent airspace violations and the increasing need to fortify Moldova’s defence capabilities, as noted by Moldovan Minister of Defence Anatolie Nosatîi. “In the current security context, the safety of our citizens is a priority,” Nosatîi stated, emphasizing the urgency of this defence upgrade.

With a surveillance range of 250 kilometers and an effective targeting span of 100 kilometers, the GM200 radar system is a robust addition to Moldova’s defence infrastructure. When integrated with an air defence system like the Aster 30 SAMP/T (MAMBA), its capabilities are further enhanced. Notably, this same equipment has also been supplied to Ukraine by France to bolster its defences against Russian aggression.


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The incorporation of the GM200 radar system signifies Moldova’s commitment to equipping its National Army to international standards and improving national security in a challenging regional landscape.



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