Near Future Submarine: third contract amendment signed

By Defence Industry Europe

The U212 NFS (Near Future Submarine) programme has taken a significant step forward with the signing of the third amendment to its contract by Programme Manager Maurizio Cannarozzo and Dario Oliveri, Fincantieri Programme Manager for the U212 NFS programme, in Rome.


This latest amendment introduces crucial enhancements that bolster the contract’s functionality and overall program efficiency. A key aspect of the amendment is the implementation of Engineering Change Proposals (ECPs) authorized by the High-Level Configuration Control Board (HLCCB). This implementation allows for the seamless integration of approved modifications, enhancing the program’s capability.

Furthermore, the amendment strategically improves the management of two vital Work Packages (WP): WP 3, which focuses on the development of the Li-Ion Battery System, and WP 6, dedicated to the Training Center. These enhancements aim to streamline operations, ensuring better oversight, execution, and results.

Another significant aspect of the amendment is the prioritization of updating technical documentation following the Programme Critical Design Review (CDR) and the implementation of ECPs. This ensures that all project aspects remain aligned with the latest developments and technical advancements.

The amendment also emphasizes the need to update the General Furnishing and Equipment (GFX) list, guaranteeing that it reflects comprehensive and current specifications.

In summary, this third contract amendment marks a pivotal moment in the U212 NFS programme, reaffirming its commitment to flexibility, financial prudence, and technical excellence. This development charts a path for the continued success and evolution of the program, highlighting its significance in the broader context of maritime defense capabilities.



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