Northwest UAV’S NW-230 heavy-fuel UAV engine commences flight operations

Source: Northwest UAV

Northwest UAV announced that its newest heavy-fuel UAV engine, the NW-230, has achieved first flight operations with an undisclosed customer. The flight was conducted on a hybrid vertical take off and landing (HVTOL) UAV.


These successful flight operations elevate the NW-230 engine system to a Technical Readiness Level (TRL) of 7 for flying in an operational environment under end-user mission control.

Continued flight operations with the engine are on-going including active flight demonstrations being executed for end-users with real-world missions.

The NW-230, an EAR 99 export approved Heavy-Fuel UAV Engine, is expanding the availability of the engine to a global scale. The NW-230 is the next commercially available EAR-99 approved propulsion system in Northwest UAV’s family of engines which also includes the NW-44 and NW-88.


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The NW-230 EFI HF engine is designed for 90-160 kg aircraft. It is purpose-built to operate on heavy-fuel (JP5/JP8/TS-1/Jet A). The NW-230 uses combat-proven components derived from the NW-44 and NW-88 engine systems in operation at TRL9 on several airframes worldwide. The NW-230 is an excellent choice for companies looking for an Aviation Grade, turn-key, cost-effective solution for their aircraft.

Initial operational capability orders for NW-230 engine systems are being issued with deliveries in Q1 of 2024 for multiple UAV platforms



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