OCCAR orders more MIKRON Night Vision Googles for Belgium and Germany

By Defence Industry Europe

The OCCAR-EA (Organisation for Joint Armament Cooperation - Executive Administration) has signed a significant amendment to the existing Night Vision Goggles (NVG) Contract, encompassing an expanded procurement for Belgium and Germany. This agreement, made with the consortium of Hensoldt Optronics GmbH and THEON Sensors SA, includes additional MIKRON Night Vision Goggle Sets and In-Service Support.


To date, Belgium has received 4,550 MIKRON NVG Sets, while Germany has acquired 11,775. The second amendment to the contract will add 3,500 more sets for Belgium, alongside initial In-Service Support for Germany and modifications to Belgium’s existing support. Furthermore, the amendment provides options for an additional 16,041 NVG Sets for Germany and up to 25,000 more for either nation. It also includes 8,423 new Head Mounting Systems for Germany, with support for these additional sets.


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Representatives from Belgium and Germany have lauded the exceptional achievements of the Night Vision Capability (NVC) Programme. They praised the efficient management by OCCAR and the robust cooperation between the two nations.

The MIKRON NVG, known for its lightweight and dual tube binocular design, can be operated in various modes such as helmet-mounted, head-mounted, or handheld. It features an integrated infrared illuminator, flip-away monoculars for quick configuration changes, and can be powered by a single AA battery or a remote battery pack.


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The goal of the NVC programme is to enhance the night vision capabilities of dismounted soldiers and military vehicle drivers of Belgium and Germany. This joint procurement effort aims to improve interoperability and reduce logistical challenges in operational theatres where both nations are deployed together.



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