OCCAR: REACT programme achieves Critical Design Review

Source: OCCAR

During a two days session at INDRA facilities, the Responsive Electronic Attack for Cooperative Tasks (REACT) project has met a significant milestone, the Critical Design Review (CDR), a fundamental step forward for the development of an electronic attack capability, OCCAR said in a statement.


The CDR review was particularly challenging because the design of the electronic attack system had to be suitable for a variety of potential aerial platforms and jamming types. The design baseline needed not to be frozen for initiation of manufacture, but yet the technology maturation requirement was set at CDR equivalent for the main system elements.



The consortium has achieved this objective and demonstrated a very innovative and modular design, which is a sound basis for further subsystem development considering more concrete environmental settings. That next phase will be addressed in the following stage (REACT 2), which is currently under the process of integration into OCCAR.



In addition to the CDR documentation, a demonstration on TRM (Transmit Receive Modules) by INDRA was presented to all the stakeholders attending the event. That was the last of the four planned demonstrations to get confidence that the key technologies involved in REACT are feasible for the next stage.



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