ODU achieved 15 per cent turnover growth in 2022

By Defence Industry Europe

German connector producer ODU achieved a turnover of more than EUR 280 million in 2022. This means a growth of 15 per cent and a new turnover record, the company said.

ODU plans further grow in 2023.

One reason for the confidence and optimism is massive additional capacity that has been created in recent months: in Mühldorf, the limited land was used and two buildings were erected up to the maximum permitted construction height. There are modern offices, an enlarged laboratory and plenty of space for additional lathes on the ground floor. The second building is used for assembly on several levels and still has free capacity at the very top, the company said.

At the second European production site in Romania, the turning and electroplating production technologies were established and the production area was expanded by 30 per cent through an extension. Additional investments in Mexico for the North American market and also a little in China round off the massive investment programme.

Nevertheless, ODU is cautious.

There is a war going on in Europe, the supply chains are far from being fully intact again and some customers still have high stock levels. With regard to China, there are still many open questions concerning Covid, and the Taiwan issue has not been clarified either. So ODU is looking ahead with confidence, but also with caution to this year, which has started very well so far, but is still young. The company is now cautious about spending money, ODU underlined.



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