PBS Velka Bites to ramp up production of engines for missiles and drones

Source: PBS Velka Bites, Defence Industry Europe

PBS Velka Bites is planning to double its production over the next year. It is mainly due to the increased demand for engines for cruise missiles and UAVs. These are primarily supplied to the USA and NATO countries as well as selected countries in Southeast Asia. Missiles with engines produced by PBS are also deployed in the conflict in Ukraine. Czech Minister of Defence Jana Černochová could see for herself the high level of development and production at PBS Velká Bíteš during her visit.


“Indeed, we understand the current strong demand of the independent democratic world for security and defence solutions. That is why we are reacting and planning to double our production in the very near future. Our presence in the market of engines used in defence systems will get significantly stronger, particularly in our key markets such as the United States and Europe. Engines of our production are also used in deliveries to Ukraine,” says Milan Macholán, CEO of PBS Velka Bites. And as production doubles, there will also be a subsequent increase in the workforce at the manufacturing plant over the coming years.



PBS Velka Bites also foresees growth in other segments of its operations and production, such as the development of components for aircraft, helicopters and unmanned vehicles. As a response the company’s strategy will include close and direct cooperation with globally important European and American partners, as well as with Ukraine, which will result in the development of new solutions that meet the customers’ requirements. That will for example include the area of auxiliary power units for aircraft and helicopters where PBS Velka Bites is one of only four companies in the world with civil EASA certification.

“Based on my visit I have no doubts that PBS Velka Bites rightfully belongs amongst the strategic companies of the Czech aerospace industry and is at the same time an important partner when fulfilling our defence obligations. PBS is involved in numerous key defence projects and is a significant player for major defence aerospace manufacturers, particularly in the USA and Europe. I was pleased to learn about their current production as well as future plans which signify that the competitiveness of the Czech Republic within the aerospace and defence industry will get stronger,” stated Jana Černochová, the Minister of Defence.



However, the recent success of PBS Group has unfortunately brought up more frequent so-called hybrid threats. “These are attempts to penetrate the company’s internal systems or attempts to discredit the company or even to buy it out. We have identified this negative trend, especially in connection with our increased deliveries to aid Ukraine,” says Milan Macholán, CEO of PBS Velka Bites. “Fortunately, we can rely on the trust and support of various institutions both in the Czech Republic and on the international stage,” adds Milan Macholán.



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