Poland signs contract for 800 AGM-114R2 Hellfire missiles

By Defence Industry Europe

Poland has signed an intergovernmental agreement (LOA) with the United States for the purchase of the AGM-114R2 Hellfire missile, produced by Lockheed Martin.

The agreement includes 800 AGM-114R2 Hellfire missiles, with deliveries set to begin this year and conclude in 2029.

The weapons are intended to arm the AW149 multi-role helicopters ordered from Leonardo, with deliveries to Poland also scheduled to commence this year.


Future purchases of additional missile batches are expected, in line with the declaration to equip Boeing AH-64E Apache attack helicopters and GAASI MQ-9B Reaper unmanned combat aerial vehicles.

The U.S. Department of State has approved the sale of 800 AGM-114R2 Hellfire missiles to Poland, along with four training CATM M36 Hellfire missiles. According to the maximum valuation by U.S. authorities, the package could cost up to $150 million.



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