Kongsberg to lead the development of Future Naval Strike Missile

By Defence Industry Europe

In the recently published document titled "Future Acquisitions For the Norwegian Defence Sector 2023-2030," the Norwegian Ministry of Defence announced that a contract for development the Future Naval Strike Missile (Future NSM) is planned to be signed this year.

According to the document, the Future Naval Strike Missile is expected to be operational by 2035, and it will be used by the Royal Norwegian Navy. The document further states that the Future Naval Strike Missile will be developed as part of a joint Norwegian-German programme, with the Norwegian defense industry taking the lead. The Norwegian company Kongsberg is the producer of the Naval Strike Missile (NSM), currently in service with armed forces of various countries.

The Norwegian Ministry of Defence plans to allocate between 3.5 to 6 billion Norwegian kroner (approximately EUR 290 million – EUR 500 million) for the Future Naval Strike Missile project between 2024 and 2030. The ministry emphasizes that the program will be carried out in cooperation with Germany, indicating that the German Ministry of Defense is also expected to allocate financial resources for this purpose.

As reported by the Shephard, the Future Naval Strike Missile will have the capability to engage both surface ships and land targets.




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