Poland to receive first batch of K239 Chunmoo MLRS in August

By Defence Industry Europe

The Polish Ministry of National Defence announced on social media that the first K239 Chunmoo MLRS launchers will be delivered to the country by Hanwha Aerospace in August this year.

Simultaneously, the Polish Ministry of Defence released the first photos of the K239 Chunmoo rocket launcher integrated with the chassis of Jelcz P882.57, produced by the Polish defence industry (by Jelcz company, a subsidiary of the Polish Armaments Group).

The occasion to present this weapon system was the visit of the Polish Minister of Defense to the Republic of Korea. It was also the official roll-out of the first light combat aircraft FA-50GF intended for the Polish Air Force.


Ultimately, the Korean defence company Hanwha Aerospace will deliver 218 K239 Chunmoo launchers to Poland. The contract in this matter was signed in November 2022. The agreement, worth USD 3.55 billion, also includes ammunition with ranges of up to 80 km and up to 290 km.

All K239 Chunmoo launchers will be integrated with chassis produced by the Polish defence industry. Additionally, the Polish industry will also provide the Automated Fire Control System TOPAZ, produced by WB Electronics (WB Group).

The deliveries of all 218 ordered K239 Chunmoo launchers to the Polish Armed Forces are expected to be completed by 2027.



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