Polish Armed Forces received another medium-range air surveillance radar

By Defence Industry Europe

At the beginning of February, Polish defence industry company PIT-Radwar (a subsidiary of PGZ) delivered TRS-15M medium-range air surveillance radar to the Polish Armed Forces.

This means that Polish Armed Forces currently have 21 TRS-15M medium-range air surveillance radars.

In 2013, the PIT-Radwar signed a contract for eight radars, and in 2018 another one for 11 radars.

Earlier the Polish Armed Forces received two TRS-15M and two TRS-15 (an older version of the TRS-15 family) radars.

However, by 2024, Polish Armed Forces will receive two more TRS-15M Odra radars under the contract signed in 2021.

TRS-15M is the mobile medium-range air surveillance S-band 3D radar developed by the Polish defence company PIT-Radwar. TRS-15M is a source of radar information for air defence and command and control systems. It detects aerial targets at a distance of up to 240 km and is able to track 120 targets simultaneously.

According to the PIT-Radwar, TRS-15M Odra systems “consists of antenna vehicle and display vehicle fitted with standard ISO 6 m locks and two power generator trailers. The antenna array can be deployed within 20 minutes by a crew of three using the antenna mast hydraulic system. The radar is fitted with an antenna levelling system and GPS-based positioning system.”

PIT-Radwar has also developed TRS-15C radar, which is dedicated to coastal missile units. Polish Navy operates two TRS-15C radars as sensors for the Naval Missile Unit, which is armed with Naval Strike Missile Coastal Defence System.




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