Rafael signs agreement for Trophy system with UK Ministry of Defence

By Arie Egozi

Israeli company Rafael was awarded a GBP 20 million contract from the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) for the cutting-edge Trophy Active Protection System (APS).

According to the company, this milestone marks a significant stride towards enhancing the defensive capabilities of the Challenger 3 Main Battle Tanks (MBTs).

Through rigorous evaluation, the UK MOD recognized the Trophy APS as an indispensable addition to safeguard the Challenger 3 MBTs and their esteemed crew members against modern battlefield threats. The Trophy APS boasts a proven track record of success, having been operational and combat-proven in various scenarios worldwide.


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Rafael, in collaboration with the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence, successfully completed the 2nd phase of integrating the Trophy Active Protective System (APS) on the Challenger 3 (CR3). A series of live fire tests, conducted towards the end of 2022, demonstrated the system’s effectiveness as it intercepted well over 90% of threats targeting the CR3 representative tank fitted with Trophy APS.

Dr. Ran Gozali, Executive Vice President, GM Land & Naval Division at Rafael Advanced Defence Systems, said, “We are encouraged by the latest tests, praising Trophy’s effectiveness and RAFAEL’s proficiency in integrating the system on yet another platform. The collaboration with the UK MOD is set to continue, propelling further successes in the future, as the project heads towards its third and final phase of integration, instilling greater confidence in Trophy’s ability to ensure fortified defense for the UK and its troops.”

Developed by Rafael in response to successful anti-armor attacks, Trophy APS provides mature, combat-proven protection against rocket and missile threats while pinpointing the origin of hostile fire for an immediate response. Being the world’s only fully-integrated, combat-proven APS, Trophy has been effectively installed on Israel Defence Forces’ Merkava tanks since 2010, Namer APCs, four US Army Abrams MBT brigades, and successfully tested on the German Leopard 2 Tank in 2021. Additionally, the system has been seamlessly integrated on various platforms, including AIO turrets for the IFV and 8×8 armored vehicles without a turret. With over 2,000,000 operating hours and more than 5,400 successful field tests, Trophy is now under contract for serial production of over 2,000 systems.



As the global pioneer of APS technology, Rafael remains at the forefront of innovation, continuously refining and advancing the Trophy system to address evolving threats effectively. Rafael has and continues to collaborate with the UK MOD on a wide array of projects and defense technologies. At DSEI 2023, Rafael is proud to showcase its Trophy APS on UK soil and is confident the system will further strengthen the capabilities of the Challenger 3 MBTs. Rafael is excited to participate in DSEI and to highlight the unique defense systems that can enhance survivability and bolster the overall defense of the British Armed Forces.



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