Trophy Active Protection System presented in Spain

By Defence Industry Europe

EuroTrophy GmbH, a joint venture between Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW), General Dynamics European Land Systems (GDELS), and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, has presented the latest version of the Trophy Active Protection System (Trophy APS) during the FEINDEF exhibition held in Madrid.

At the exhibition, the EuroTrophy joint venture showcased the integrated system with the ASCOD infantry fighting vehicle.

Trophy APS is a Hard-Kill Active Protection System for armored vehicles. It provides cutting-edge capabilities required in modern military conflicts. Fully mature, globally operational, and already fielded by NATO countries, the system has been saving lives since 2011. Trophy APS can be integrated with any armored vehicle.

Trophy APS successfully counters increasingly sophisticated anti-tank attacks including simultaneous, multi-directional threats from various distances.

All known Chemical Energy (CE) and hollow-charge threats – including ATGMs, AT rockets, HEAT tank rounds, RPGs, and recoilless rifles – are quickly detected, classified, engaged and neutralized.

Trophy APS has been integrated on multiple armored platforms around the world and is the only fully-integrated, NATO-fielded APS. The system has been supplied to four US Army Abrams MBT brigades, has been installed on Israel Defense Forces’ Merkava MBTs since 2010 as well as on Israel’s Namer APCs. It has been integrated and tested on the Bradley, LAV-III, and Stryker. The German Ministry of Defense announced in 2021 that Trophy APS will be supplied to the German Bundeswehr for installation on the Leopard 2 MBTs. In addition, an integration with the UK Challenger 3 MBT is currently in process.

In January 2023, EuroTrophy joint venture introduced  the new Trophy APS Silent Mode to tackle new and evolving operational needs in the European and NATO arena. The Silent Mode is enabled by utilizing Trophy’s passive Electro-Optic (EO) Sensor, built-in to Trophy’s four Radar Antennas.

The EO Sensor, also known as “Othello” which was developed by Elta Systems, is an easy to install add- on solution to the current Trophy Radar Antennas configuration. The seamless integration of the EO Sensor provides both newly produced as well as existing Trophy APS systems that have been already deployed to be easily enhanced with the Silent Mode Capability.




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