Roem self-propelled howitzer enters service in the Israel Defence Forces [VIDEO]

By Defence Industry Europe

The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) have announced the induction of the latest self-propelled howitzer, the Roem, into active service. Known as Sigma in military circles, the Roem (Hebrew for "thunderous") represents a significant upgrade in the artillery capabilities of the Israeli military, enhancing both firepower and mobility.


The Roem, equipped with a 155 mm cannon, is set to replace the decades-old M109A5 howitzers, which have been the backbone of Israel’s artillery corps.



Developed by Elbit Systems, the Roem is built on a robust Oshkosh 10×10 chassis, featuring an armored cabin for enhanced crew protection. The primary armament is a German-made Rheinmetall 155 mm gun with a 52-caliber barrel, capable of firing up to 40 kilometers using conventional base-bleed ammunition. This advanced weapon system boasts a rapid-fire capability of 8 rounds per minute, supported by an automatic loading system. The onboard ammunition capacity stands at 40 rounds.

The Roem is the world’s first howitzer capable of fully automated firing without human intervention. Its automatic system streamlines operation, reduces crew requirements to two or three personnel, and enables efficient fire planning over broader combat zones.



The IDF recently completed the Roem’s first operational model, which included field tests, arming, and initial firing by artillery troops. These tests showcased the Roem’s ability to significantly enhance fire rates and extend firing ranges, ensuring quick and autonomous movement on roads and high terrain mobility.

Brigadier General Yair Natans, Chief Artillery Officer, emphasized the Roem’s strategic importance: “The relevance and dominance of artillery in warfare are proven. We have taken a significant step towards incorporating the Roem into our diverse fire capabilities, providing close, lethal support to maneuvering forces, killing numerous enemies, and protecting our troops across various theaters.”


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The Roem is a key component in the IDF’s broader strategy to enhance all land-based firepower systems, including rockets, missiles, and unmanned aerial vehicles, ensuring the IDF remains at the forefront of modern warfare technology.



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