Roketsan: KHAN missile “ready to fire”

Source: Roketsan press release

The KHAN Missile, developed by Roketsan, has made its mark since entering the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) in 2014, with its range, firing precision and effectiveness. The KHAN Missile can provide a sustained and effective firepower against high priority targets, as a 24/7 “ready to fire” power that can be used in any weather or on any terrain.

The KHAN Missile took its place in the TAF inventory as a system that “is reassuring for our allies and spreads fear among our enemies”, providing long-range precision strike capability against:

  • Targets located with high accuracy
  • Artillery and air defence systems,
  • Radar sites,
  • Assembly areas,
  • Logistic facilities,
  • C3 Facilities and
  • Other high priority targets.

The 610 mm-diameter KHAN Missile is capable of destroying targets at ranges of up to 280 km, and can be launched from the KHAN Weapon System and the Multi-Barrel Rocket Launcher (MBRL) produced by Roketsan. In line with user requirements, Roketsan can integrate the missile into the other Tactical Wheeled Vehicle platforms with integration-compatible interfaces.

Technical Specifications of the KHAN Missile
Diameter610 mm
Weight2,500 kg
Range 80 – 280 km
GuidanceGNSS* aided INS
ControlAerodynamic Control
Propellant TypeComposite Solid
Warhead TypeHigh-Explosive
Warhead Weight470 kg
Fuze TypePoint Detonating and Proximity
Shelf Life10 years
Accuracy≤10 m

*GNSS: Global Navigation Satellite Systems

*INS: Inertial Navigation System


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