Roketsan: LUMTAS-GM anti-tank missile hits target at 16 km in test

By Defence Industry Europe

Roketsan, a leading Turkish defence manufacturer, recently announced on social media that its new anti-tank missile, LUMTAS-GM, successfully hit a target 16 km away in a firing test. This milestone marks LUMTAS-GM as the inaugural member of ROKETSAN’s UMTAS-GM family, which is set to include two distinct versions.


UMTAS-GM Block 1, mirroring the existing UMTAS missile, will be available in two variants: one with a semi-active laser seeker and another with an Imaging Infrared (IIR) seeker. The forthcoming UMTAS-GM Block 2 is slated to feature an innovative dual-mode seeker, combining an IIR and a Television (TV) seeker in two separate apertures, expanding its targeting capabilities.




A notable distinction of LUMTAS-GM from its predecessor UMTAS is its launch mechanism. The missile is deployed from a canister, as demonstrated in the test. It features a new wing layout with broader main wings, enhancing its gliding performance and extending its range. This design modification enables the LUMTAS-GM to achieve a range of 16 km for surface targets and over 20 km for rotary wing platforms.



LUMTAS-GM is designed for versatility, being compatible with various land platforms using the KMC-U weapon system, several Turkish Unmanned Surface Vessels (USVs) like ULAQ and SALVO, and attack helicopters. The missile weighs 41.3 kg (66.3 kg with the canister), has a length of 1.72 m, and offers a significant increase in engagement range compared to its predecessors.



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